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Vinyl Soffit and Fascia in Tampa

If you’re planning to update your Tampa home’s siding, we recommend that you consider adding our durable, strong, and maintainable vinyl soffit and fascia.

Home with vinyl siding and fasciaWhat are Soffit and Fascia?

Soffit refers to the part underneath the roof that hangs out beyond the side of the house, and fascia is the front board along the roof’s edge. Soffit and fascia work together to protect your roof and siding from damage, and both can add a bit of a visual appeal to your home as well.
While they may seem like trivial details, soffit and fascia can be integral in the protection of your home from the unpredictable Tampa Bay weather.

Benefits of Soffit and Fascia Siding

  • Subtle Ventilation: With unseen aeration technology, our soffit plays a key role in keeping your attic cool and dry. This small renovation can lead to a big payoff in heat or water damage savings.
  • Ultra-Rigid Design: Our soffit is made from a unique material that prevents it from drooping or cupping, both of which hinder its performance and the appearance of your home. With our products, you can count on long-lasting looks and protection.
  • Easy Maintenance: The way we’ve constructed our soffit combines the beautiful appearance of natural wood and the functionality of vinyl. All it needs is an occasional rinse, and your soffit and fascia will be good to go for many years to come.
  • Design Variety: Just as with all of our products and services, we make all our decisions with you in mind. That’s why our soffit comes in a variety of colors to best match your siding and your taste.

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