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3 Tips for Hurricane Preparation

1 min read

hurricane on radarIf you are a Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pasco, Hillsborough, or surrounding area resident, then you know that the 2015 hurricane season is right around the corner. You also know that hurricane season can have lasting negative effects on those homes that are unprepared.

That’s why Window World of Tampa is here to provide you with our four tips to help your windows make it from June 1st to November 30th. Here they are:

1. Upgrade to Hurricane Impact Windows. You might think replacing your windows on such short notice is close to impossible, but Window World of Tampa is here to ensure your home’s durability and safety with our hurricane impact windows. Some features of our hurricane impact windows include:

2. Trim outside vegetation. Keeping your landscape groomed is even more vital during hurricane season. If your yard is overgrown with tree limbs and bushes, then any category of hurricane force winds will easily dismantle your vegetation and potentially damage your windows. However, a trimmed, sharp yard is more wind resistant and primed for durability during hurricane season. This is a simple, yet effective tip to prepare for the storms this summer.

3. Bring outside furniture inside. The typical Florida home most likely has patio furniture, a grill, umbrella, etc. However, these objects all pose significant threats to your windows during hurricane season. Hurricane-force winds can cause these furniture pieces to move and potentially impact your windows, causing lasting damage. So to prepare for the 2015 storms, bring those outside furniture items inside and save yourself the trouble of replacing your home’s windows.

Upgrade and prepare your home for hurricane season with Window World of Tampa!

Hurricane season is just a couple months away, so begin your preparations now with the help of Window World of Tampa. Contact us today with your questions or to schedule your free in-home estimate. We are devoted to helping you protect your home!