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How Much Force Can Hurricane Windows Take?

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Tampa, Florida is one of the most vulnerable U.S cities to hurricanes. As a responsible homeowner in the area, it’s essential to be prepared for extreme weather, including category 5 hurricanes. While there is no impact-proof solution, hurricane windows (also known as impact windows) can provide an additional level of security to your home in the event of intense storms.

Hurricane windows help to minimize the damage as much as possible. They are engineered to withstand category 5 storms by shielding your home or business from strong winds and airborne debris.

How Much Force Can Hurricane Windows Take? Read on to learn how hurricane windows are constructed and tested to help keep you and your home safe and secure when mother nature rages.

Hurricane Strength Window Construction


Impact windows are constructed by layering sheets of tempered glass, laminating them together to add strength and extra stability, and then tightly sealing these glass panes within the frame with some flexibility. This added flexibility allows the window to bend from the force of high winds or flying debris without shattering. As a result, your hurricane windows are less likely to blow out, thus reducing the structural damage to your home.

Weather Stripping

Along with the flexible glass panes, impact windows offer heavy-duty weather stripping to prevent water leakage and air infiltration that causes damage. Weather stripping also helps to increase energy efficiency by regulating your home’s temperature throughout the year. 

Hurricane Strength Window Testing

All hurricane windows must meet the strict guidelines set forth by the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) to be certified as impact resistant. They are rigorously tested for water resistance and air infiltration levels.

Learn about the two types of tests performed to ensure your hurricane windows are up to the job.

Large Missile Impact Test

First, a window must endure a hit to its center by a nine-pound 2×4 launched at 34 miles per hour (50 feet per second) without shattering. If it succeeds, a second projectile is shot at one of the window’s corners. The window only passes if both the center and the corner remain intact. In Louisiana, the testing standards are more severe so the window must survive beams shot at nearly 55 miles per hour.

Wind Pressure Test

The last test required for certification is a series of pressures that simulate winds of up to 200 miles per hour. Through these battering forces, the window must hold together within the frame to pass. 

Upgrade to Window World of Tampa’s Hurricane Windows

The high-performance construction and rigorous testing of hurricane windows gives your home an extra leg up to endure harsh weather relatively unscathed. At Window World of Tampa, we offer many styles of hurricane windows, which are tested to meet the ASTM performance standards so you can be confident in their durability and strength. You’ll also gain additional peace of mind knowing that our impact windows are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

To learn more about our hurricane windows or to request an estimate, contact us today at (225) 706-2100 or fill out our request form.