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How To Halloween-ify Your Front Door

3 min read

You have your costume picked out for Halloween night, but what is your door going to wear? After all, your door is the first thing trick-or-treaters will notice when they show up at your house, so it’s worth dressing up, and Window World is here to help!

Decorations can range from traditional spooky themes, like spiders and witches, or light-hearted fun, like pumpkins and candy corn—but none of them should break the bank. Read on for our budget-friendly decorating tips!

1) Start By Budgeting & Planning

Designing the perfect Halloween door involves thinking about how much you’re willing to spend. Decorations typically range from $10-$100. If you plan to reuse your decorations every year, consider investing in something with a slightly higher price tag, made to last. For a more affordable option, opt for crafting your own decor or checking out secondhand shops.

When it comes to the materials you use, think about your door’s level of exposure, as well as how often you use it. Choose waterproof and sturdy materials for doors prone to rain and wind. Also, keep in mind that you still want to use your front door to enter and exit your home—you don’t want your decorations getting easily caught in your doorway or falling every time you slam the door.

2) Hang Cobwebs Across Your Door

Cobwebs are a timeless Halloween decoration, often associated with witches and haunted houses. Whether you opt to make your own out of rope or shop at a home goods store for a pre-made web, this is a fairly easy door decoration to implement. Cobwebs look especially great when paired with an entry door featuring a prominent glass style. As the sun goes down, the glass will cast shadows upon your spooky web.

Of course, no cobweb is complete without a creepy, crawling spider. Attach a faux spider to your web for the full spooky effect—and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, search for DIY tutorials on how to craft your own spider!

front door Halloween decoration

3) Dangle Homemade Bats To Guard Your Home

Cut out several bats for an easy DIY project that’s both festive and minimalist. If you live inside an apartment building or have an awning over your door, this can be as simple as cutting out bat shapes from black construction paper. However, if your door is exposed to weather, use something more sturdy, such as felt or waterproof foam.

4) Place Pumpkins For An Organic Feel

For those looking for a more casual and fun Halloween door decoration, consider adding pumpkins. Place a giant Jack-o’-lantern on your doorstep, or hang a cute autumn wreath circled with multiple pumpkins to increase your home’s nighttime curb appeal.

Let pumpkins go loose across your entire porch long after Halloween is over, to let your home cast major fall vibes all season long. Whether you use fake or real pumpkins, these make for great decor options even after the candy is long gone. Paired with garland and faux leaves, your front yard will look like a visit to the pumpkin patch.

5) Create a Witch’s Hut With Black Cats

Witches are another Halloween classic and come in many forms. Hang a glittery witch wreath, a picture of a witch sitting on a broom, or even a “Welcome Witches” sign. For a fun stop on your neighborhood tour, consider a smashed witch or a wreath with only the witch’s backside to make it look like she had a rough landing. If you need some last-minute inspiration, prop up an old-fashioned broom beside your entryway.

Are you superstitious? Decorate your door with a witch’s stealthy black cat to pose bad luck at bay. To keep things simple, cover your door with black paper. Then cut out a nose, whiskers, ears, and eyes. Other options include using a tail-rising black cat door hanger or an army of wooden black cats. To add to the mood, include a bright full moon in the background.

6) Give Candy Corn a Major Upgrade

Don’t limit the candy to just your trick-or-treaters. For a door that’s extra inviting to little candy fiends, decorate your door with a giant candy corn. Simply cut a strip of orange, yellow, and white paper to wrap your door with and add a silly face.

Have a Terror-ific Halloween-Themed Front Door

Now that we’ve gotten your creative juices flowing with lots of ideas, you should be all set to have a spooky, fun Halloween front door. Whether you choose to be batty or keep it simple with pumpkins, remember to use weatherproof materials if your door comes in close contact with Mother Nature and set a budget to keep you on track.
Decorating a door for Halloween is one of many fun activities you can do with a home. However, if decorating your door is making you realize it may be time for an upgrade for your home, browse some of our energy-efficient doors and windows. To get started, simply contact us today to request your free in-home estimate.