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Replacement Windows

The Immediate & Long-Term Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Windows

2 min read

When it comes to home improvement projects with a high ROI, replacing your home’s windows are at the top of the list. Few other renovation projects are more beneficial than replacing older windows with newer, more energy efficient ones. You’ll start seeing benefits immediately, and keep seeing benefits for years to come.

Immediate Benefits of Replacement Windows

Here are a few of the immediate benefits you can expect:

1. Savings on Energy Bills

This is one of the biggest benefits of replacement windows. Most residential windows have a lifespan of 15-20 years, although their longevity really depends on the material they’re made of. No matter the material, if your windows are reaching or have passed the 20 year mark, they are not as energy efficient as they once were. Modern ENERGY STAR® certified windows lower household energy bills by an average of 12 percent each month. When you replace your windows, you’ll see lower energy bills from month one.

2. More Comfortable Home Temperatures

Energyefficient windows are also better at keeping the temperatures in your home more consistent and comfortable. That means no more fighting over the thermostat and no more rooms that are too warm while others are just right.

3. Updated Appearance

Unless you built your home recently and chose the windows, there is a chance they don’t perfectly match your style. If your home is older, they may even be dated. Replacement windows allow you to choose the style, color, and finish, so your windows fit your decor perfectly.

Long-Term Benefits of Replacement Windows

1. Added Home Value

If you plan on selling your home in the future, replacement windows add to your home’s value, which adds to your asking price. And since Window World’s warranty is transferable, your home’s new residents will enjoy the same peace of mind you do.

2. UV Protection

In addition to energy savings and more comfortable home temperatures, the low-E glass used in our windows protects your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Low-E glass works by filtering long-wave radiation from the sun, reducing solar heat gain during our brutal summers. No more faded carpets, curtains, furniture!

3. Better Protection Against the Elements

In Tampa, we’re no stranger to hurricanes. Older windows, especially single-paned, don’t provide the protection more modern windows do. Our hurricane impact windows are built to withstand category five storms, minimizing water infiltration, decreasing the risk of damage, and reducing the need for storm panels.

4. Potential Tax Credit

Did you know that replacing your old windows with more energy efficient ones could come with a tax credit? Yep! If your upgrades meet the standards set by the Department of Energy, you may be eligible for a tax credit through the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. The “qualified energy efficiency improvements” included in this credit include exterior windows and doors, insulation, and certain roofing materials. For more information, ask your Window World representative which products are eligible.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Replacement Windows

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