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The Truth About Window Tinting

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custom vinyl windowsThere has been a large push for window tinting technology in the Tampa area this summer. Even as we progress through the fall and approach winter weather, window tinting and coatings have sustained popularity. While they do sport various energy-efficient qualities that help you save money, they are not the most cost-effective, energy-efficient option for your home.

Window Replacement v. Window Tinting

Full-window replacement is a more comprehensive, effective method of conserving energy and lowering utility costs year-round than window tinting. Here’s why:

  1. Window Replacement = new weatherstripping and sealing. Window replacement projects replace the entire window, including the weatherstripping and sealing, both of which are notorious for energy leakage. A new weatherstrip and seal enhances window insulation and keeps the heat in. Tinting, on the other hand, merely coats the window, and fails to address these common problem areas.
  2. Window tints reflect, not seal. Tinting technologies are reflective-based, meaning they are designed to reflect energy. This works to an extent, but is not the most energy-efficient option for your home. Window Replacements have reflective properties, but also seal off your window perimeter to prevent energy from escaping.
  3. Replacement window Low-E glass performs better than window tinting. Low-E glass is at the very cutting-edge of energy-efficient window technology and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. It reduces solar heat gain in summer months and sustains a warmer glass temperature in the wintertime for optimum performance year-round. Window tinting can’t matchup with these year-round Low-E capabilities.

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